Software processes, quality, and standards (IDY0204, IDX1511)

The main materials for the courses are on  Moodle. For details on Labs, evaluation, etc please see the course arrangement file.

This page provides initial information for students temporarily not having Moodle access.

Materials for 1.09.2021. Lecture. Software quality (slides). Lecture recordings. Teams meeting. Practice topics. Course arrangement.  Teams meeting.

For remote participation, MS Teams may be used. In case you do not have the University registration, please join the meeting as a guest, indicating your full name. It is better to install MS Teams instead of working from a browser. There may be problems with remote participation, in this case it should be possible to watch the lecture once the University registration will be available.

The courses include sections on software quality, procurement, development, verification and validation, and maintenance.

It may be useful to an IT manager, procurer, programmer, tester, maintainer, and other stakeholders involved in various software related processes.

The course in Estonian (ITB8826): overview.